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CH196 Fully automated Nucleic acid extractor
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 CH196        Fully automated Nucleic Acid ExtractorA

DC CH196DNA extraction&PCR preparation

• Fully automatic DNA/RNA sampling experiments, including sampling, lysis, binging, washing, elution, template distribution, PCR reagent distribution and product recovery


Independent intellectual property right and user-friendly design

Adjustable fast cooling module and incubation module

The automatic loading function of the magnetic rod sleeve avoids the contamination of consumables caused by manual loading

With anti-drop design of magnetic beads, liquid splashing can be prevented to ensure the reliability of experimental results

Regular ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization of work area to ensure biological safety; the function of cleaning waste tips provided to reduce waste pollution

Due to an open platform management, the reagent has a wide range of applications and suits most of the same kind of detection on the market

Instrument configuration

• 1 working cabin
• 4 pipetting channels
• 1intelligent gripper
• 20×5=100 rail samples position
• Raill reagent carrier (multi-functional extraction reagent positions can be customized)
• Tip carrier (200μl and 800μl sampling tips can be set)
• 1X96 extraction module, with shaking and heating functions
• Barcode scanner (sample/deep well plate)
• Incubation temperature: RT-100C

   Kits cooling temperature: 2-8C


Sample pipetting/ Air displacement technology and disposable tips
Liquid level
ClotTube volumebubble and real time tip monitoring

• 4-channel sampling needle
• Disposable tips technology eliminates any risk of cross contamination by carryover and

prevents sample dilution with system liquid
• 200μl and 800μl tips are available for flexible switching
• Multi-mode suction monitoring: liquid level monitoring, clot monitoring,

Real time tip monitoring, bubble detection, suction monitoring
• Sampling precision: CV≤1% (100μl sampling volume)
• TIPS disinfection waste function can reduce the biological hazards of waste

Intelligent plate transfer arm

• Together with sophisticated pipetting head, the intelligent plate transfer arm makes up the centerpiece of the Addcare assay processing platform. It can rapidly, precisely and safely pick up microplates and transfer them between the different modules on the workbench involved in the assay process. In order to increase speed and flexibility the plate transfer arm can be simultaneously positioned along the Y-axis, independent of the pipetting head. In order to increase operating safety the transfer arm will keep holding the plate even during a power failure.


Magnetic separation module/ Fast speed and sound effect

• 96 throughput magnetic lifting frame, fast extraction speed and high efficiency. • The magnetic lifting frame allows a variety of mixing methods, and its mixing

effect, frequency and duration can be adjust.

  • Principle and process of magnetic separation: the method of magnetic bead absorption and transfer is used to effectively avoid the risk of contamination caused by manual loading of consumables. The magnetic rod descends into the magnetic rod sleeve and moves to the hole of the deep-well plate togeth- er. The magnetic beads are attracted to the outer wall of magnetic rod sleeve, and then are moved to another deep-well plate, which cause the magnetic rod rise and the magnetic rod sleeve separate the magnetic beads in deep-well plate.

  • Heating range: room temperature -100°C, with over-temperature protection function.

  • Heating mode: plate heating.

    Refrigeration module

    • Refrigeration Temperature: 2-8°C
    • Refrigeration of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) purification

    products, PCR plates, PCR reagents, etc.
    • Each refrigeration module operates independently.


    Software system/ completely independent intellectual property rights

    • Advanced parallel CAN bus and PLC integrated control technology. • The software can create, edit, and delete experiment procedures

    with the storage of at least 10,000 extraction procedures.
    • The software interface runs and refreshes synchronously with the

    device, and visually displays the running status.
    • The system automatically arranges project scheduling reasonably

    Intelligent automatic operation system can provide quick solutions.


    CH196  Fully automated RNA/DNA extraction system https://youtu.be/NAY22IfWNP4

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