Blood grouping system
Blood grouping screening
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Gel Card

Blood grouping & screening


Based on the proven ASP sample processing platform extended with a specially designed card handler addcare provides an automated solution for Gel Card based applications.

Extending the basic platform functionality, all modules specific to Gel Card based assays are installed to the deck. Accordingly sample transfer, reagent pipetting, incubation, centrifugation and reading are performed in a freely configurable process. All system functions and the specific evaluation are controlled by special version of ADCstation.

Addcare Gel Card systems are mainly designed as OEM platform for diagnostic suppliers specialized in blood grouping and other applications based on Gel Card technology


Innovative Technology

Addcare applies state of the state of the art technology, know how and processes to provide high quality systems which perfectly integrate into your laboratory environment.

The modular system approach supports flexible configuration of the liquid handling and processing platform to perfectly match your needs. Extended by a wide variety of functional modules for the specific task, it‘s the foundation of all Addcare systems.


Automated Pipetting System

Accuracy and precision of the pipetting system eliminates variations in sample preparation with a positive impact on the following diagnostic procedures - every hour, every shift, every day.


Dynamic Working Platform

Addcare systems provides flexible configuration of the working platform to match the specific, as required by the individual user. Increased productivity, processing speed and perfect implementation of the workflow are supported by a variety of optional modules available and the flexible system configuration supported by ADCstation - the software platform supplied with the system


Flexible Platform Configuration

All Addcare models are normally supplied in their specific standard configuration but can easily be fitted to specific requirements. All modules except for the tip ejector can be removed from the deck. The guides on the deck are located in a uniform grid to accommodate modules like tube or reagent racks (one grid unit wide), customized vial- or plate racks (six grid units wide). Customized racks to carry special vials or reaction containers can be designed according to specific application and integrated onto the system platform. The corresponding deck layout is mapped in ADCstation to make it available to the required process on the customized system.


Pipetting Module


Air displacement technology and disposable tips

The pipetting modules in Addcare's liquid handling platforms utilize drip-proof air displacement pipetting with disposable tips. This technology eliminates any risk of cross contamination by carryover and prevents sample dilution with system liquid, both common in washable tip systems. Different sizes of disposable tips can be be loaded to each rack position to match the specific pipetting requirements.


Real time tip monitoring

During tip-loading, pipetting and tip-ejection the system is continuously monitoring the presence and proper fixing of each tip. In case of a problem the software will automatically set necessary actions, like retry loading the tips to assure continuous operation or display the related warning and ask for user intervention if necessary.


Liquid handling process monitor

During aspiration the pipetting system automatically monitors three parameters vital for accurate pipetting and reliable assay processing. If a problem is identified the system provides an alarm and the operator can immediately eliminate the cause.

Liquid level monitoring is used to detect the surface of the liquid to be pipetted, to assure identical conditions for aspiration and accurate pipetting across all channels. The pressure based detection system allows for the use of standard pipetting tips.

Clot monitoring, based on sophisticated analysis of the pressure profile for each individual channel during aspiration, is used to detect clogged tips.

Tube volume monitoring uses the detected liquid level, the sample- or reagent-container geometry- and its position data to calculate the liquid volume available in the related vessel. If is‘s not sufficient to continue the scheduled process, the system will provide a warning and ask for user intervention.


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